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Legacy Systems: Knowing the Risks
Seritrig 20/20: Managing the Risk

Seritrig 20/20™ Services are uniquely designed to minimize your exposure to legacy replacement risks. Here’s how:

  1. Seritrig 20/20™ Modernization translates your legacy software into a modern language of your choice, drawing from a talent pool that is readily available to you. Your application team guides the structuring of the application to ensure it fits on a framework you support and within the software architecture you designate.
  2. Seritrig 20/20™ Modernization lets you swap-out problematic dependencies and replace them with new API’s in accordance with your current strategic alliances.
  3. Seritrig 20/20™ Verification ensures that you have a satisfactory functional test suite to verify that your modernized application is functionally identical to your legacy application. Advanced code-coverage monitoring ensures that your test suite exercises your code to a satisfactory level, up to and including 100% if required.
  4. Seritrig 20/20™ Enhancement ensures that you have the best tools possible to manage your on-going program of application improvements. Our release planning tool lets you easily manage stakeholder input from throughout your user community, and plan an enhancement program that delivers maximum value from scarce resources.



Seritrig 20/20™ Process extends service life by reducing application complexity.

To learn more about the entire Seritrig 20/20™ Process, click here.