Building On Success

Seritrig 20/20® Technology provides a flexible platform on every user's desktop for implementing your company's unique policies and procedures, and provides a point of interface for Timesheet, Expense, other desktop applications (e.g. QuickBooks®), web applications (e.g. OpenInvoice, Cortex, SAP® Ariba®, Jira®, etc.), and even network devices.

Seritrig 20/20® Technology is designed to integrate the existing applications used throughout your operations, and provide a flexible platform for creating the custom applications you can't buy. Whether it concerns costs flowing into your projects, or invoices flowing out, Seritrig 20/20® Technology is the platform for accelerating your cash flow.

Seritrig 20/20® Technology consists of a server component running on SQL Server and a thin client component running on Windows® desktops.