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  The Seritrig 20/20™ Process
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The Seritrig™ goal is to ensure that your organization is served by software that is lean, efficient and ready to respond to change.

The Seritrig 20/20™ Process doesn’t just produce a modernized application, it creates a simplified and restructured application based on modern technologies, making it easy to manage a support team that is responsive to changing operational needs. Enhancements are short in duration, small in scope and well-planned.

To support this environment, we offer ReleasePlanner®, providing your application manager a rich environment to gather stakeholder input on a feature by feature basis, and to plan application releases that maximize the value to your operations.



ReleasePlanner® provided by Seritrig gives your application manager a powerful tool to gather and prioritize feature input from a large and diverse stakeholder community, and to plan releases to maximize stakeholder value.

Seritrig™ has wide range of technical services to support your on-going enhancement program, whether you’re maintaining your legacy application or enhancing your modernized replacement.

Additional Seritrig 20/20™ Enhancement services include:

  • Test Coverage Monitoring – As your enhancement program progresses, Test Coverage Monitoring ensures that your test suite continues to be effective in exercising your application to a satisfactory level.
  • Call Graph Documentation – When an application has been significantly enhanced its technical documentation can become outdated. Updated Call Graphs are extremely useful to technical teams, and help lower the overall cost of an enhancement program. Call Graphs can also be produced for legacy applications that are not yet ready to go through a modernization process.
  • Dead Code and Clone Removal – Find and eliminate dead or duplicate code that bloats your software and consumes unnecessary maintenance dollars
  • Factoring and other Mass-Change – Seritrig can service virtually any mass-change request. Our custom tools team has handled some of the most difficult mass-change requests on extremely large codebases.

For clients requiring programming, architecture or project management resources to support an enhancement program Seritrig works with partner organizations and will be pleased to provide referrals or single-source options.

Contact us to learn more about how the complete Seritrig 20/20™ Process can make your legacy software respond to your changing operational needs.