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Seritrig 20/20™ Modernization uses automated software re-engineering techniques to produce like-for-like replacements for legacy software systems.

Your custom software is translated to a modern language that draws from a readily-available labour market, eliminating the need to hire and retain scarce skills, and providing a skills-modernization opportunity for existing staff. Your mission-critical application is re-positioned for nimble response to changing operational needs.

Automated software re-engineering means that creative risk is virtually removed from the Modernization process. This gives maximum leverage of the existing investment, and ensures that Seritrig 20/20™ Modernization is the most cost-efficient method to replace legacy software systems.



Each project is unique, but Seritrig 20/20™ Modernization is generally economical
for projects above ~100,000 lines of code.

Cost reduction is derived from the simplification of code: translation to modern language, and if required, the removal of dead and duplicated code. Retiring old software maintenance contracts frees-up budget dollars, and turning off old hardware saves floor space, power and air conditioning costs.

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