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The Seritrig 20/20™ Process is designed to modernize legacy software systems by retaining their unique nature. It follows a migration path that preserves existing investment in data and training, while providing a structured foundation for future enhancements.

With the Seritrig 20/20™ Process, you retain strategic control and maintain operational continuity and productivity. By leveraging existing institutional knowledge you’re building on your organization’s unique experience and value.


The Seritrig 20/20™ Process modernizes your legacy application in three distinct phases.

Seritrig 20/20™ Modernization simplifies an existing application without making any changes to functionality. It is translated to a modern environment, fitted to a modern framework, simplified and re-commissioned with existing operational data. The translated application is now easier to work with, using readily available resources. On-going enhancements cost less, execute more quickly, and are easy to manage.

Seritrig 20/20™ Verification ensures that your modernized application is functionally identical to the original by developing a test suite with explicit coverage metrics. Seritrig 20/20™ Verification can be used separately for independent verification of any modernized application.

Seritrig 20/20™ Enhancement provides support for a program of on-going enhancement. The process of modernization produces a number of ideas for new feature additions originating from many sources. Ideas are captured and assembled into ReleasePlanner®, a cost-effective graphical tool that gathers stakeholder input and provides a sound basis to plan and fund an enhancement program that maximizes user impact using scarce resources. The result is a software application that responds quickly and easily to changing operational needs.

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