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Seritrig 20/20® Services provide the expertise to implement cash-flow efficiency in your project portfolio:

Analysis: Seritrig works with owners & managers to identify opportunities to shorten the cash cycle between wages/expenditures and customer payment. Whether reducing your dependency on your line of credit, improving business returns, or increasing your customer satisfaction, this analysis is designed to shorten your cash flow and Seritrig 20/20® Technology ensures these key benefits become permanent.

Implementation: Seritrig 20/20® Technology offers a simplified platform for creating and deploying custom applications for data input, integration with other desktop applications (e.g. QuickBooks®), integration with web applications (e.g. OpenInvoice, Cortex, SAP® Ariba®, Jira®, etc.) and automating key components of your business.

Training: Seritrig provides training for any new processes developed, to ensure that your personnel know how to use their new Seritrig 20/20® solution.

Administration: Seritrig provides administrative personnel trained in Seritrig 20/20 Technology to assist your staff during system commissioning and periods of peak loading.

Support: Seritrig provides technical support for your Seritrig 20/20® solution Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm Mountain Time.