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Raytheon Canada Limited and Seritrig to Offer Re-engineering of Critical Electronic Subsystems

June 1, 2010, Calgary, AB

Raytheon Canada Limited (RCL) and Seritrig Software Inc. have teamed to provide complete end-to-end subsystem re-engineering capability to the Canadian defence industry and other domestic and global industries operating critical infrastructure. Working with RCL’s Support Services Division, based in Calgary, Seritrig will use tested and proven technology and processes to provide expert software engineering capability in Canada.

“Canada’s silicon-based infrastructure is aging rapidly,” says Seritrig Software President Richard Belzil. “Operations throughout defence and other critical industries depend on stable, reliable and secure silicon infrastructure, whether embedded or server-based. We are very proud to be supporting RCL to provide a complete subsystem re-engineering capability that preserves our customers’ investments in system engineering.”

“Seritrig’s software re-engineering capability is unique in Canada, and a strong complement to Raytheon’s established overhaul and upgrade services,” says RCL Vice President Ron Guidinger, general manager of RCL’s Calgary facility. “Given the new economic realities in Canada and around the world, our focus on extending the service life of existing infrastructure makes good sense. Our customers have made significant commitments to their technology, and Seritrig’s approach is helping RCL preserve that investment and enable cost-effective incremental modernization.”

Seritrig’s software engineering services are based on semantics-preserving automation technology developed over a 15-year period and proven in a wide array of projects in defence and other industries. Applications range from analysis for correctness and test coverage to full language/platform translation.

Raytheon Canada Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Company (NYSE:RTN), has more than 1,500 employees throughout Canada who provide advanced-technology products and services to the aerospace and defence sectors. The Support Services Division is part of Raytheon Technical Services Company’s Customized Engineering and Depot Support business unit.

For further information contact:

Richard Belzil, P.Eng.
Seritrig Software Inc.

Val MacDonald
Raytheon Canada Limited

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