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Seritrig is a professional services and technology firm providing specialized capability for optimizing cash performance of large project portfolios.

Seritrig 20/20® Technology is designed to allow rapid development of cash-flow optimizing solutions that integrate with existing processes for immediate performance results, while providing a clear path for growth and enterprise integration. Our strategy is to prove-in management initiatives by demonstrating business results fast.

Cash-flow optimization applications are in Project Portfolio Management, integration with other desktop applications (e.g. QuickBooks®), input cost gathering (e.g. Timesheet, expenses, etc.) Pricing & Billing, Invoicing and Accounts Receivable tracking, Inter-Company Cost Allocation/Transfer, Client-Vendor Interface (Action/Tasking/RFI), Document Control, CAD Custody Control, Project Execution Plan (PEP) , Standardized Scheduling and Quality Management (ISO-9001) implementation.

At Seritrig we know that your business environment changes rapidly as you respond to changing demands. Seritrig 20/20® Solutions are designed to be easily modified and deployed, while providing standardization, long-term stability, and integration with related systems. We focus on cash performance because that is the most effective way to ensure your company thrives.

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